The Master Algorithm

A new book by Pedro DomingosThe Master Algorithm, describes how machine learning algorithms will become more and more essential in the development of technology. Machine learning techniques already enable many systems to behave intelligently, and are at the source of many fascinating new developments, including self-driving cars, speech recognition, automated trading systems, intelligent digital assistants, like Siri or Cortana, and many, many, other technologies.

Mastering machine learning is essential to anyone interested in the development of digital technologies, and this book represents the ideal stepping stone towards more technical works.

Domingos provides an excellent, non-technical, introduction to this essential area, describing what he calls the five tribes of machine learning: the symbolists, the connectionists, the evolutionaries, the Bayesians, and the analogizers. He argues that the algorithms of each of these tribes can, and will one day, be combined into one master algorithm, the mother of all learning algorithms.

There are many excellent reviews and pieces on the book, including GoodReadsTimes Higher Education and KDNuggets. Now available at Amazon, your corner bookstore or at a FNAC near you.

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