IEEE predicts human-robot marriages

The news comes from IEEE, the normally subdued and reliable Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and not from the National Enquirer or The Globe!

In the future, humans may find it more satisfying to enter into long-term romantic relationships with robots than with other humans.


According to Senior IEEE Member Kevin Curran, robots can be expected “to never nag, to always respond positively, focus on what you want to talk about, be responsive to your moods, and ultimately act as the perfect partner.”

Movies like Ex Machina or Her have explored this situation that, for most of us, looks far-fetched and unbelievable. Still, it is true that human-like feelings can be very easily attributed to intelligent systems that are programmed to reply in the right way, as the emotional attachment some owners feel for their Rumba vacuum cleaners.

Image courtesy of IEEE.

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