So you want to be a CEO? Think again!

A recent article in Venture Beat points out that top management jobs, up to the level of CEO, may soon be taken over by robots.

There has been an ongoing discussion about which jobs are safer from being taken over by computers. Many candidates have been put forward, like lawyer, doctor, manager or driver. The fast developments of Artificial Intelligence have made these predictions look ridiculous, usually just a few years after their are issued.


The fact of the matter is that we have no idea which jobs will be safer from being taken over by computers.

Relevant to the case in point, what do CEOs do? According to Venture Beat, they ” allocate resources, build the culture, oversee and deliver the company’s performance, be the face of the company, and juggle with everyday compromises. For most CEOs, developing objective, data-driven decisions is advantageous for the success of the company.

Clearly, many of these tasks require analytical minds and data analysis capabilities which are, by now, more likely to be mastered by artificially intelligent agents than by humans.

It seems to be safe to say that more creative jobs will be safer, for a longer time, from being done by computers. The difficulty lies in defining what, exactly, is creativity. And, once that is done, computers will be able to have it, too…


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